We are a highly skilled team of professional over achieving eCommerce Experts who support clients from all over the world, remotely.  As a collective, we boast an extensive ecommerce, web development, digital media and digital marketing skillset with over 50+ years combined.

The foundation of our careers began within large blue chip corporates where we were trained by the best.  We have an in-depth understanding of business and how to operate at the highest level whilst maintaining a competitive edge.

We firmly believe in up-skilling ourselves, keeping up with the latest ecommerce trends and cross-training between ourselves to ensure uninterrupted support and knowledge share with our clients.

Our prized sister company (www.celestialgifts.co.za) was established in 2005 and increased in turnover by 500% during a lengthy recession.  We attribute the longevity and success of our other ecommerce properties to a high quality output, exceptional customer service combined with tried and tested methods & consistency.

The History Behind Our International eCommerce Agency


ue to our reliance on hospitality & travel being able to operate, Lock-Down 2020 halted our prized and well established ecommerce property (www.celestialgifts.co.za). Lock-down forced us into reflection & the realisation that we need to further future proof ourselves and the way we operate our businesses. Now more than ever, it is necessity for businesses to have an online presence, where ecommerce is becoming mandatory so that we can transact without interruption.

As a collective, we offer our clients, 50+ years of accumulated IP, experience and skillset in the form of an ecommerce eco-system. Clients who need to get their businesses online or improve their digital presence and reach, will benefit from the progressive chemistry within our team as well as the expensive mistakes we’ve made in the past leading us to each other. We are a team of over achievers and your precious business will flourish in our very capable hands.

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Our Digital Marketing & eCommerce Experts to Support You

Odette Butcher
Odette ButcherDigital Marketing Consultant | Digital Trainer | Keynote Speaker | Radio Presenter
Odette grew up in a family business for 25 years and from as early as the age of 8, she was serving and transacting with clients. Odette spent 10 years based in London when she lived, worked and traveled extensively. In London, she was trained by and worked for the best world class Investment Banks. On her return to South Africa she spent 4 years working for Sanlam as a Project Manager whilst she set up her first ecommerce platform in 2005. Celestial Gift Experiences ~ www.celestialgifts.co.za is Odette’s personal bucket list which she makes available for clients to purchase in the form of gift vouchers. Celestial Gifts is Odette’s successful passion project of 15 years and boasts a whopping 500% increase in turnover during a recession. She attributes her ongoing business success to discipline, consistency and making the right decisions at the right time. For the longest time, Odette could see a pressing need for an eCommerce Agency and so it was born during lock down 2020 when Celestial Gift Experiences went into hibernation.
Odette is a lover of the mountains and an avid trail runner. She is a global athlete and has completed adventure marathons in the Polar Circle, on Everest, The Great Wall of China, the Petra Dessert as well as Lebanon and Iraq. Here you can learn more about Odette a.k.a the bucket list genie ~ www.odettebutcher.com
Janine Meyer
Janine MeyerWeb Developer & eCommerce Specialist
Janine started working in the website development field in 1999. Since then, her portfolio has grown to include websites for local and international companies, as well as working with graphic designers and publishing houses, spanning over 5 continents.

Her first 3 years in website development was spent working for a well known ISP in Johannesburg. It was there that she learnt her coding skills and developed her expertise in website usability. Further along her career, she grew her skills to include search engine optimisation on a code level. This gave her invaluable knowledge into how an online presence works with the search engines. In short – how to take a clients vision and turn it into a website that works!

Her services include front-end website development, website design and development using wordpress and woocommerce, content management systems, database driven websites, website security, website support, but to name but a few.

Janine has this incredible ability to unravel, unpack and transform her client’s vision into digital reality. She never fails to deliver or impress and in conducting herself this way she has the ability to form long lasting relationships with clients by becoming an integral asset to their business.

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