We will apply our digital & ecommerce expertise, skills, tech-tools and techniques to your project activities to support you in achieving your digital goals.

  • Provide landing page analysis and recommendations
  • Provide SEO analysis and recommendations
  • Provide deep site analysis and recommendations
  • Assess and provide recommendations on how to future proof your small business
    • Integrate and implement future proof elements into your business
  • Assess and recommend guidelines for all online content in order to maintain uniformity and consistency throughout the site
  • Assess and provide recommendations on how to streamline business expenses
    • Integrate and implement cost containment within your business
  • Assess and provide recommendations on how to automate your business wherever possible. e. Zendesk, site Bots etc.
    • Integrate and implement automation within your business
  • Assess and provide recommendations on how to collect digital reviews for your business
    • Integrate and implement an independent review system and process for your business

With over 50+ years of accumulated ecommerce experience, we can assess, advise & coach in digital solutions so that you and your business can be a success.

  • Relationship management to include vendor relationships and billing
    • Supplier & Vendor Relationship Management to include billing
    • Sourcing and contracting new suppliers to include legal assistance with contracts and legalities surrounding digital compliance
    • Online market research of product ranges, brands and pricing
    • Sourcing new brands and product ranges
    • Online product marketing of brands and product ranges
    • Uploading marketing content into CMS
    • Product Range Planning
    • Forecasting and buying of products
    • Negotiating specials and promotions
  • Human resource assistance and recommendations for staff working remotely
  • Branding Services
  • Online Legal Contracts
  • Business Coaching

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