Your ‘Mind Before Business Bullets’ & ‘Digital Transformation Tips’ to keep.

Our Founder, Odette Butcher shares her ‘top of mind bullets‘ & ‘digital transformation tips‘, learnt over 15 years as a successful ecommerce entrepreneur in South Africa.  Her digital secrets have assisted in future proofing herself and indirectly assured the success and longevity of her online shop ~  Odette shares that ‘we need to look into ourselves and ensure that our thoughts, words and actions are aligned with what our goals are so that we can take the daily steps to realise them’.

Both guides include authentic content with very real tips and ‘golden nuggets‘ shared by mentors, elders & successful business owners who’ve given Odette hand-up lessons on ‘how to fish‘, over the years.  So in light of paying it forward, Odette would love for you to benefit just as much as she has.

Digital Transformation