E-Commerce Virtual Services wants your business to succeed.

We are bringing you a deep site analysis service second to none.  A fully qualified web analyzer will provide you with valuable information on how and where to improve on your site.  What makes our service unique?  Unlike many other business consulting providers, our website checker won’t just review your homepage; they will review your whole site.  Also, this is a very personal, human interaction.  Not results generated from App logarithms.

As an E-Commerce business, we understand the importance of being digitally savvy in today’s high speed technologically advanced age.

Now more than ever before, the one size fits all approach no longer works.  Furthermore, acknowledging our own areas of strengths and weaknesses is tantamount to success.  These tasks aren’t something you want to dabble in if you’re not a trained professional.  You could spend years sourcing the best team to address your business needs, and waste thousands on the wrong approach.  Just ask our Founder, Odette Butcher – she has been there, and done that!

Imagine building your dream home.

You’ve finally gotten enough capital together to make your fantasy a reality.  A beautiful, sophisticated space anyone would be proud of.  The only problem is the foundation wasn’t laid properly and now cracks are starting to appear.  It’s not long before you’re sitting on a pile of rubble with no roof over your head.

Website development is much the same.  There is little value in having a site which looks good, only to discover it operates poorly and doesn’t fully optimize your business offering.  A business owner would seldom personally conduct a website speed test, or perform a homepage analysis.  Where would one begin?  Typically only becoming aware of technical back end website issues when it’s too late and they’re already hemorrhaging clients. A deep site analysis of youe business will assist in ironing out all the cracks that may have developed over the past few years.

You may have a specific area of concern you are aware of, or perhaps looking for a website review of the whole site.

Deep site analysis is a tailor made service –

You can choose which level of review best suits your needs.  The service includes, but is not limited to: conversions, design, user-ability, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), cross-browser issues, hacking and security and traffic generation.  You will receive a pdf review on where your site falls short with screenshots of specific issues and a detailed outline on how to rectify these issues.  Reviews can be as simple as 10 tips, or as developed as a full video audit with all tips suggested.

Via home page analysis, E-Commerce Virtual Services identifies these areas as crucial to success.  It is our goal to ensure you are functioning at an optimum level in the following. Remember, websites are often our first impression to potential clients.

deep site analysis

Landing page analysis is not a luxury but a powerful weapon in your arsenal to achieving outstanding results for your business:

  • Remove all unnecessary ‘friction’ or clicks around navigation
  • Website speed test to ensure a fast experience
  • Time to download kept to a minimum
  • Sites must be mobile friendly (almost all transactions take place via mobile device)
  • Domains must be secure
  • Sites must have on-page and off-page SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • Interlinks and back links are vital
  • Unnecessary scripting needs to be removed
  • Images should be compacted and web ready to ensure fast download.

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