We believe it is imperitive to work on your relationship with a business buddy who can assist you when you most need it.

The drive, tenacity and dedication required to be a successful entrepreneur in today’s fast paced digital world is downright astonishing. Throw in family commitments, spouse, children, elderly parents… work / life balance. What’s that? Keeping up with technology, why does it have to evolve so exponentially? And It’s no wonder that you might find yourself questioning is this worth all the blood, sweat and tears? At times, it’s perhaps more appealing to throw the towel in and work under an organisation and bring home the regular if somewhat uninspiring paycheck every month.

As a result of Covid-19 South Africa has experienced its first ever lockdown. Subsequently, many businesses have had to rethink their strategy moving forward, whether taking a sabbatical from trade or altering their business plans.

Born from Lockdown 2020 –

eCommerce Virtual Services is the brainchild of Celestial Gift Services, CEO and Founder, Odette Butcher www.odettebutcher.com. Realising time stands still for no man, or woman, Odette utilised lockdown to launch a specialist eCommerce Consultant agency with the sole purpose of assisting and mentoring entrepreneurs such as yourself into successful business owners.

Since its inception in 2005 Celestial Gifts boasts 500% turnover and is completely owner funded and debt free. That’s impressive, especially when you consider this is during the global recession of 2009. The sustained growth is testament to Odette’s sophisticated approach to each aspect of her business. This stems from her upbringing amongst her family owned business, right through to her decade of Corporate Blue Chip experience, primarily within the Investment Bank industry – typically a ruthless environment. Yet, Odette has emerged as a proactive doer, and listener. Quite a unique combination.

Imagine having Odette as your business buddy offering you mentorship. Someone with whom to bounce ideas and help you make sound business decisions. Benefit from her and her team’s wealth of industry knowledge and first-hand experience. You’re not just tapping into one excellent mind, but several. Their shared experiences and IP become yours. Mentoring you and shouldering the load when it’s too heavy to carry alone. Whatever your challenges are, a business buddy will be there with you with a fresh set of eyes, investigating your challenges from all angles and without the tricky business of being too close, or emotional to the situation.

Perhaps you enjoy the creative side of things but feel like you need someone to give you structure and accountability. A business buddy can tailor make a wish list of your needs, keeping you on the right path to success. With a mature business buddy, you can rely on complete autonomy and support. You can vent your frustrations to your heart’s content. Your business coach and mentor will be there to listen, put things in perspective and get you back on your feet so you can progress.

Think of them as your go to person, like a life coach or wingman. Someone who has your back, with your best interests in mind and most importantly, on your side every step of the way. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and it is as simple as a click away. With eCommerce Virtual Services you really can have it all. You are an amazing individual, created to be awesome and achieve and surpass your wildest dreams, both in your business and personal life. You’re not alone as a solo-preneur, in fact, you are far for from it.

Gain access into our Founder’s digital business mindset for only 50c per day with our eCoaching Membership! The ideal Business Buddy solution.

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